100 daily videos

03/09 - 30/09/2020

As part of FABRICA PLATAFORMA, a new gallery of exhibitions created specifically for Instagram, from 3 to 30 of September we will present “100 Daily Videos”, a selection of the daily video experiments by Fabrica’s young creatives. A fast reaction to what is around us: to investigate, construct and deconstruct visual habits.

There is no rules for the videos, they are a medium to explore different narratives and skills. From around 850 videos, 100 were chosen, presenting a diversity of expressions and showing an overall view of possibilities this daily experiment can evoke.

The Instagram profile dedicated to this exhibition is @fabricaplataforma_dailyvideos.
The profile is private. Send us your request, we will let you in on Thursday, 3 September, the day of the inauguration.



FABRICA PLATAFORMA is a series of virtual exhibitions: an experiment that features young international artists or projects created by Fabrica’s residents who have the opportunity to exhibit their work just as if they were in a gallery or in a museum.

Physical boundaries are therefore crossed for a digital dimension of art, but without forgetting the concepts of sharing and community. In fact, the visitor is involved, through an experimental format, in an interactive experience: in addition to admiring the works on display, he/she can participate in the vernissage in the presence of the artist, listen to the audio guides and access a series of additional contents, such as stories and travel diaries or insights on the creative process.

Previous exhibitions:
15-29 May “Cazzo guardi?!” by Richard Morgan @fabricaplataforma_morgan
11-25 June “Fabrica versus Corona” @fabricaplataforma_vs_corona