27 January – International Holocaust Remembrance Day

25 gennaio 2017

On the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance day, celebrated worldwide on 27th January, Fabrica honours the victims of the Holocaust with some visual comments that invite all of us to remember the genocide perpetrated during World War II and the many discriminations taking place every day against those who are considered “different”.

Author: Daniel Benitez, Mexico, for Fabrica

Title: Memory is indelible

Note by the author: Thousands of people were burned in concentration camps during the Holocaust, in an attempt to make them disappear them. This event trascends History and always comes back to our memory from the ashes to remind us not to let this happen again.

Author: Fuse Tsang, Hong Kong, for Fabrica

Title: Always remember

Note by the author: Why do we memorize? Why do we look back? One of the reasons may be to be aware of the strength the past is giving us. 

Silvia Matias, Portugal, for Fabrica

Title: When we look to the sky, all the stars are the same.


Author: Wai Hon Chan, Hong Kong, for Fabrica

Title: Searching

Note by the author: I did a Google image search about the Holocaust. You can see a lot of dark images. My first result represents a sign of hope for human rights, because we should learn from history.

Author: Wai Hon Chan, Hong Kong, for Fabrica

Title: Tattoo on survivor

Note by the author: According to survivors' interviews, they have a bad memory of the Holocaust, but they still keep a positive mind. Though the tattoos are still on the prisoners' arms, they can still have a wonderful future.

Author: Alexis Gallo, USA, for Fabrica

Author: Alexis Gallo, USA, for Fabrica