A Table

Fabrica designs for Atipico a collection of items for a multicultural table.

23 gennaio 2015

The table nowadays is a melting pot of different cultures, customs and traditions. The contemporary palate seeks increasing involvement in multiethnic culinary experiences and the dining table is the physical space for meetings and exchanges. This is the driving concept behind A Table, a new collection of objects and accessories for the table – plates, bowls, glasses, baskets, carafes, cutting boards, cutlery and linen – designed by Fabrica for Atipico and to be previewed at Maison et Objet from 23 to 27 January 2015.

Entirely Made in Italy, A Table is inspired by the food habits and nationalities of the young creatives at Fabrica: the shape of the glasses are reminiscent of the cups used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony; the aperitif set instead takes its inspiration from the typical Indian habit of sharing and tasting many different foods while the linen – runners, kitchen gloves, aprons and various tablecloths – borrow the colours from the graphic patterns of antique porcelain. The result is an eclectic yet coherent collection in which, thanks to a strict design, different materials (ceramic, wood, metal, glass and fabric) are used seamlessly and in which every single detail is studied to coordinate the various pieces both aesthetically and in their daily use. Crafted with great care throughout the production process, A Table represents Italian savoir-faire with the added creative touch of the young designers of Fabrica who took their inspiration from countries such as China, Egypt, England, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Morocco and Scotland. Every object is also characterised by a symbol denoting the country of inspiration, a crown for England, an ideogram for China and Japan, a renaissance lily for Italy. In the linen the various symbols come together to form a single one, creating a visual representation of the global and multicultural nature of the collection.


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