Angelo Gaja


The artisans of wine

The name Gaja is indissolubly linked to the family’s winery, founded in 1859 in Barbaresco, Piedmont, one of the most significant regions for the production of great wines.

Crossing generations, Gaja has become a reference point in the production of “barbaresco”. Thanks to a continuous pursuit of quality, to competence and passion, combined with intelligence and intuition, Gaja has merged in a unique mix tradition and modernity.

Wine gives voice to personality and history, it reveals the soul of places and people, it includes past and present: Angelo Gaja will talk about all this in the conference he’ll give at Fabrica.

Gli artigiani del vino
Angelo Gaja at Fabrica

Friday 9th March, 6:30pm
Fabrica auditorium
Via Postioma 54/F
31020 Catena di Villorba (TV)
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