Burattini Aldrighi


Meneghino’s Christmas

On December 20 at 06.30 pm, Fabrica will host an event that smells like Christmas is coming: a puppet show.

In the magic frame of a traditional “baracca”, Valerio Saccà, founder of the Burattini Aldrighi, with the collaboration of Nicoletta, his wife, will tell a funny and irreverent story, whose undisputed protagonist is Meneghino.

Among laughter and wizardries, Valerio’s scented and well-dressed puppets, take back to the top bourgeois heroes behaving always wisely and never selfishly.


Burattini Alderighi
Show in Italian
At 06.30 pm, free entrance upon availability, no registration needed

Via Postioma 54/F
Catena di Villorba (TV)

For more information: press@fabrica.it