Business and common good


Business and common good is the title of the fourth episode of Fabrica About Future.

Never as in this historical phase, the world needs people capable of doing business by also aiming to solve a social problem, implementing lasting and significant changes, using resources and technologies to improve people’s quality of life.

But how is a company of this type created?
What models can be inspired by?

We talk about it on Thursday 15 April at 10.30am CEST with Luca Bazzoli, Ecosystem Manager of Ashoka Italia, a network that has been identifying, supporting and training social entrepreneurs for 40 years, offering them tools and resources to find innovative solutions to complex contemporary problems, and with Francesco Inguscio, Founder and CEO of Rainmakers, an organization born with the aim of helping startups specialized in meaningful innovation to grow, and of Chi Odia Paga, a legal tech company that fights online hate.

The conversation, free and in Italian, is led by Massimiliano Ventimiglia, Fabrica’s Program Director, and broadcast live on Zoom.

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Ashoka is the widest community worldwide of social entrepreneurs and the fifth Social Good Organization (NGO Advisor, 2020).
Active since 1980, Ashoka operates in Italy since 2015 following the vision “everyone a changemaker”. The organization develops its actions on 3 paths: the selection and acceleration of change leaders (Ashoka Fellow); the development of changemaker education among youth and teachers; the creation of ecosystems for change in specific areas or fields.

Rainmakers is an Italian venture development organization and startup studio based in Milan.
Started in 2011, today with 40+ corporate innovation programs completed and 25 startups in its portfolio (including 4 exits + 3 write-off) Rainmakers is a leading player in the Italian Rainforest.
COP – Chi Odia Paga is the first legaltech startup against online hate in Italy striking back at hate(rs) with AI-powered tech and legal services. COP fights all forms of online hate, providing technological and legal tools to all victims and contributing to making communities less prone to hatred and more inclusive.

Fabrica About Future is a program of digital conversations with Italian startups and companies, entrepreneurs and professionals from various industries, ranging from fashion to design, from tourism to food, from automotive to finance, from culture to entertainment, to discover new ways of doing business.

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