28/07 - 04/08/2019

CAMERA OSCURA by Oliviero Toscani lands on Italian tv network “LA7”
Two special episodes dedicated to integration and body
Sunday 28 July and Sunday 4 August 2019

“At school we were taught to read words, but nobody taught us to read photographs: it’s time to learn”. This is how Oliviero Toscani introduces CAMERA OSCURA, two special episodes presented by the famous photographer, created and produced by FABRICA, which will be broadcast on LA7 Sunday 28 July and Sunday 4 August in the late evening.

CAMERA OSCURA does not look for impartiality or objectivity, there is no line up or public: 30 people standing in a minimal space will comment on a series of photographs that, one by one, will be hung on the wall. Two themes for as many episodes: the “integration” the first, the “body” the second.
The host will be Toscani himself, along with Nicolas Ballario, and there will be no filters or possibilities to “repeat the scene”.

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