An ongoing collaboration between Fabrica and the Italian clocks producer Diamantini&Domeniconi.

1 settembre 2013

Area: Design

DROP Design by Giorgia Zanellato and Mariana Fernandes A drop shaped clock with a simple twist, offered by the folded surface to place small precious items. The surface is mirrored so the time is a reflection of the context around the object, highlighted by the coloured backing, which frames the clock against the wall with a coloured shadow. KANGOUROOO Design by David Raffoul This clock is a three dimensional image of the pocket of a Kangaroo. It involves an action, which is to leave a secret message inside the pocket. The shape of the piece is conceived with an organic approach that engages the receiver. TOITURE Design by David Raffoul Cuckoo wall clock : the originality of this piece is the interpretation of a birdhouse that is accentuated by the roof. The textile rope is the element responsible to hold the clock and in the same time to continue the drawing of the house. The detail of how the cable goes through the wood creates a subtle object of thoughtful finishing. The cage is made of Libanese cedar scented wood, that thanks to a hand-rubbed oil finish, retains a delightful cedar fragrance till one year. PENDULLE Design by David Raffoul Pendulle is the reincarnation of our grandparents clocks, conceived to revive a contemporary souvenir. The shape was drawn to remain simple and iconic, closely associated with the archetypal pendulum.