Creative Thinking Lab


Creative Thinking Lab / How to stimulate remote creative thinking is an online creative laboratory aimed at teachers, organized in collaboration with Onde Alte.

April 22 from 15.30 to 17.30

Developing creative thinking is extremely important to adapt to the quick changes in our society.
Generally, by creativity we mean a process made of trial and error to find connections and new associations between knowledge, ideas and experiences that we possess and that, at a first glance, seem far from each other. A process that tries to go beyond already known and immediate solutions.

Creativity is not something innate, even if there are some people who have a more creative mind than other people. This ability is influenced by many factors (e.g. personal interests, self-confidence, personality, etc.) and divergent thinking can be trained.

Why is it important to strive to develop creativity in young people?
We live in a complex world of rapid technological advancements, in which we are constantly called to face new challenges and where it has become crucial to adapt to an environment in continuous transformation.
The emergency situation of Coronavirus – Covid-19 is also an example of a challenge that we will probably have to face often in the future. Today more than ever, this evolution requires flexibility and adaptability to change and, in this context, creative thinking can be a useful and effective answer.

Knowing how to make connections between ideas and solve complex problems in a creative way is, and will increasingly be, one of the most requested skills in the professional world, even in jobs not typically related to the artistic sphere. Today it is essential to have an interdisciplinary approach that combines scientific and creative subjects.

Developing creative thinking and soft skills can help children on their personal growth path and keep their minds open to confrontation. Trying new things, expressing yourself and thinking in a non-conformist way helps to develop self-confidence and is a fertile ground for the development of emotions. Activating a trial and error process helps you get involved and overcome the fear of making mistakes.

The Creative Thinking Lab aims to help understanding what creativity means, how the creative process works and to know more about “distance learning” methodologies.

Objectives and what we will learn
We will discuss about what creativity means, which are the premises for a good creative path and the different languages of expression – the images, the body, the writing or the dialogue – that each person can use according to their attitudes.
We will show participants some techniques, methodologies and tools to stimulate divergent and collaborative thinking, the visualization and representation of the idea, such as the random association of words, the technique of acceptance and improvisation, tinkering and prototyping, etc.

How the laboratory will take place
We will alternate frontal lecture moments with individual and group work.

Zoom platform.

Previous editions
15 and 16 April 2020