Davide Paolini


Davide Paolini is a native of Romagna by nature and a globetrotter by choice. He defines himself a “gastronaut”, meaning someone who travels for the joy of discovery (and not necessarily to find something). His motto is: “eat with your head and not with your stomach”. A former director of Benetton Group’s external relations, he has been the creative force behind numerous events in the food, has had a Sunday column dedicated to food and wine in Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper since 1983 and has also collaborated with numerous magazines, publishing houses and tv programs, entering the homes of Italians to talk about everything that relates to food from a cultural perspective and to raise awareness among the public of the craftsmen who produce Italy‚Äôs gastronomic wonders.

Davide Paolini was at Fabrica for a lecture on 16 April 2018.