Davide Paolini


The Twilight of the Chefs

On Monday 16th April at 6:30 P.M. Davide Paolini, journalist, gastronomist and Italian radio host, also known as “Il Gastronauta”, will be at Fabrica for a conference open to the public entitled “Il crepuscolo degli chef” (“The Twilight of the Chefs”).

With 13 million photos on Instagram, 25,000 blogs, and 1,000 websites reaching over 35 million people every month, cooking is something which these days is extraordinarily relevant: from its portrayal on television to food fashion, from celebrity chefs to the myth of “zero mileage produce” (exclusively locally grown and sourced), to the eternal fight between meat eaters and vegans.

According to Davide Paolini, television broadcasts have generated a huge increase in a phenomenon he calls gastronomic voyeurism, but all this media hype has not led to a corresponding increase in consumption; on the contrary: over the last year, in Italy alone 10,000 restaurants have closed.

Food has become something different from what it used to be and what it used to represent; it’s everywhere, all the time: in shop and bookstore windows, on television screens, on billboards, on the internet. In short, while on the one hand food is becoming an obsession, on the other hand there is also a sharp decline in the quantity and quality of food expenditure; chefs increasingly try only to impress their guests without paying any attention to the raw materials.

Davide Paolini is a native of Romagna by nature and a globetrotter by choice. He defines himself as a “gastronaut”, meaning someone who travels for the joy of discovery (and not necessarily to find something); his motto is: “eat with your head and not with your stomach”. A former director of Benetton Group’s external relations, he has been the creative force behind numerous events in the food sector such as “Taste” in Florence, “Territori in Festival” in Montecatini, “Squisito”, “Viaggio nelle diversità del gusto” and “Milano golosa” in Milan and Gourmandia in Santa Maria del Piave. He has had a Sunday column dedicated to food and wine in Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper since 1983 and has also collaborated with numerous publications including Panorama, Europeo, Gente Viaggi, Dove, Il Resto del Carlino, Il Giorno, Vanity Fair, La Nazione and Style Magazine. Since 1999 he has broadcast Il Gastronauta on Radio24, entering the homes of Italians to talk about everything that relates to food from a cultural perspective and to raise awareness among the public of the craftsmen who produce the gastronomic wonders of our country. He broadcast “I viaggi del Gastronauta” on the television channel La7 and “Squisito” on TV network Rai International. He is an author of many successful books, including I luoghi del gusto, Dal riso ai Risotti, Viaggio nei giacimenti golosi, Alla scoperta del gusto italiano, Le ricette della memoria, il Mestiere del Gastronauta and La geografia emozionale del Gastronauta. From 2003 to 2014 he edited the restaurant guide of Il Sole 24 Ore and is the curator of La Garzantina: Prodotti tipici dell’Italia and of the recent Il Crepuscolo degli chef. Gli italiani e il cibo fra bolla mediatica e crisi dei consumi, published by Longanesi.

Monday 16th April at 6:30 P.M. 
Free entrance until availability

Via Postioma, 54/F
Catena di Villorba (Tv)