DIY Filmmaking


Within the Fabrica Creative Labs, on Wednesday January 27th from 3 to 4.00pm CET, Daniel Ferreristico, director, animator and artist, will hold an online lecture entitled “The Art of Making Films (without actually knowing what you’re doing)“.

Daniel says: “as creative beings, we hold the power to reinvent our surroundings. We face problems with smart solutions, whether we are experts or not”.

He will talk about creative directions, how to absorb the most from references and mix them with personal experiences to convey films, paintings, animations, photos and products, how to step out of our comfort zone and to sharp our look to see the world in a different perspective.

Daniel Ferreristico will converse about his career path, starting from his residency at Fabrica, where he developed Los Rosales, his debut animated film, awarded at Cannes, Palm Springs Shortfest and by Tim Burton in person, to his creative studio in Brazil.

But most importantly, he will talk about the mistakes and challenges he faced when starting a creative career. Because, as he says, “Nothing is original. That can take off pressure from our shoulders and lead us towards new creative directions”.

To attend the lecture, please register at this link

Free event, in English
Platform: Zoom


Daniel Ferreira, born in 1988, is a Brazilian director, animator and artist.

After a bachelor in Advertising, a good guidance for a more generalist point of view on creative paths, he got a residency at Fabrica, where he developed Los Rosales, his debut animated film awarded, among others, with the 1st Prize at the Young Director Award in Cannes and Palm Springs Shortfest.

He considers the process of Los Rosales much more important than the result itself, as it allowed him to work on experiments/mistakes, stepping out of his comfort zone.

After his experience at Fabrica, he started his creative studio in Brazil, working closely with several production houses in São Paulo, creating campaigns for Citroën, McDonalds, United Nations, Itaipava Premium and realizing some music videos awarded at several film festivals.

Daniel continues to feed his passion for art, illustration, filmmaking, sculpture, painting, contents for Instagram and more.