Speculative fictions in the age of the drone.

23 luglio 2014

Area: Design

We have entered the age of the drone beyond warfare. Extending human capabilities to new horizons, unmanned aerial vehicle technology will increasingly shape our environment in relation to voyeurism, social media, mass surveillance and terrorism.

"Drone: Speculative fictions in the Age of the Drone" is a book by writers, researchers and designers at Fabrica examining how unmanned aerial vehicle technology might influence our behaviour, and our relationship to physical space. The book deconstructs the concept of “drone” through fiction and collected material, as simultaneous series of vying presents and futures, to question the pursuit of innovation for its own sake. The book was presented at the Dutch Electronic Art Festival in Rotterdam on May 23rd 2014 as a continuation of the Drone Salon, a multidisciplinary overview of challenges, opportunities and speculations on future transitions caused by the use of drone technology both in the battlefield and in the civic realm.