Ettore Accenti


Anger in marketing is creative

On Friday 4 May at 6:30 P.M., technology expert Ettore Accenti will give an open conference at Fabrica entitled “Anger in marketing is creative”.

Accenti, who is also a consultant to small- and medium-sized businesses, will explain how in 1987 he used the anger he felt after losing his company to build – in just three months – a new company with all its corporate structures. Within three years his new firm had achieved a turnover of some 220 billion lire, the then equivalent to some 110 million euros.


Ettore Accenti first became interested in electronics when he was at school, starting with transistors and then moving onto all things derived from them: integrated circuits, microprocessors, computers and the digital world.

More than 50 of his articles – written at a young age – have been published in technical journals; in 1969 he published his first book on electronics, “Dal transistor ai circuiti integrati” (“From the Transistor to Integrated Circuits”), which is still in print.

Accenti set up his first electronics company in 1966 while studying engineering at the Politecnico di Milano. In the years after graduating, he worked for companies like Intel, Apple Computers, AMD, HP, IBM, Philips and RCA, and players including Steve Jobs, Bob Noyce and Gordon Moore.

In 1987 he set up Amstrad Italia – a subsidiary of the British company Amstrad PLC, founded by Sir Alan Sugar – which distributed electronic products. In 1991, as global vice president of Memorex-Telex, he was head of distribution in Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Pacific region.Since 1994 he has used his experience to provide consultancy services to small- and medium-sized firms, organising specialist courses and advising them on expansion into foreign markets.Friday, 4 May, 6:30 P.M. 
Lecture in Italian 
Free entrance until seats are availableFabrica
Via Postioma, 54/F
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