Fabrica About Future


In recent years and in particular over the last few months, doing business, and more generally, our way of looking to the future has undergone profound change. We are having to deal with transformative forces that have an extraordinary impact, rapidly advancing technology, globalisation of the economy and labour market, fast development of the gig economy and a sudden acceleration of online to the detriment of offline.

In order to be able to deal with the complex scenario we are facing, we need to move beyond obsolete models and consolidated practices. We need to embrace new ideas, create new solutions and become accustomed to a certain amount of unpredictability.

This is where the Fabrica About Future initiative comes into play, a series of digital meetings with Italian start-ups and companies, entrepreneurs and professionals from various industries, ranging from fashion, design, tourism and food to automotive, finance, culture and entertainment, to hear their ideas and what actions they are putting in place to navigate this articulated panorama.

The first appointment will be on Wednesday 21 October at 6.30 pm with Alberto Cartasegna, CEO & Founder of Miscusi and Enrico Casati, Co-Founder of Velasca. These highly successful young entrepreneurs are carving out their own paths and looking to find solutions to key issues: on the one hand the topic of food and nutrition with a planet that needs to find new forms of livelihood and sustainability to feed a population that is growing in number and becoming increasingly demanding; on the other, fashion with its need to find a counter-narrative to the arguments that have always characterised this industry, seeking out new approaches to manufacturing processes, materials used and business dynamics.

The conversation, steered by Massimiliano Ventimiglia, Program Director at Fabrica, will be streamed live on Fabrica’s Facebook page.

The evening will also include a virtual tour of We Are Facts, an exhibition that brings together research projects from creative talents worldwide, developed in 2020 during their stay at Fabrica. The aim is to provide a snapshot of the world we live in today and raise awareness about issues such as sustainability, respect for the environment, diversity, equality and creativity. The 12 works on display range from documentaries, photography projects, sculptures and digital explorations.

Alberto Cartasegna, CEO & Founder of Miscusi
Born in 1989, at the age of fourteen he worked as a pizza deliverer in his local pizzeria, at eighteen he took his first flight to London for a gap year in the restaurant trade. He returned to Italy and graduated with honours in Economics, initially at the University of Milano-Bicocca and then at the Bocconi. He concluded his academic career with an MBA with honours and a semester at the Kelley School of Business in America. After some brief work experience with Boston Consulting Group, he joined Rocket Internet in Berlin and founded Helpling Italia, helping to raise 57M€. At the age of 26, he founded Miscusi and is now its CEO. In 2019 Forbes selected him as one of the 100 young Italians who will change the future.

Enrico Casati, Co-Founder of Velasca
Born in 1987, a degree in International Management from Bocconi University, he started his working career in banking at HSBC as a Business Analyst. His journey beyond the borders of Italy began in London then took him to Singapore, after he was selected to take part in the Global Graduate Program. Shortly afterwards, he left this position to found Velasca along with Jacopo Sebastio in 2013.

Wednesday 21 October, 6.30 pm
Live streaming on Fabrica’s Facebook page.
For info: press@fabrica.it