Fabrica at Mantova Lovers


On 10 August 2020 Fabrica will be on jury in Mantova to decree the winner of the first edition of the Mantova Lovers International Short Film Festival, a review of short films inspired by love.

The International Short Film Festival is inspired by the lovers of Amanti di Valdaro, the Neolithic skeletons found in 2007. Fabrica has been invited to evaluate, together with other members of the jury, the shortlist of 10 finalists selected from over 1,500 short films from all over the world.

Winner will get the chance to take part to one of the events at Fabrica. Prize consists in the opportunity to attend for free a lecture or a workshop scheduled into the continuous and self-managed cycle of conferences, workshops, performances, meetings and non-stop lessons with visionary international artists and professionals in the fields of humanistic culture, communication, food, cinema, art, poetry, journalism, design, spirituality, nature, music, politics, economics, neuroscience, psychology, writing, theatre.

Monday, August 10
08.30 pm – Arena Campo Canoa, Mantova
Screening of the finalists and ceremony of prizegiving
Free entrance upon reservation here

For more information: press@fabrica.it