The project is participating in Venice Biennale.

Facing is an art project using acid to create, not to destroy beauty.

Developed by Fabrica’s Social Engagement Campaigns Area, under the creative direction of Erik Ravelo, Facing is an art installation made of portraits where acid is used to rust metal leaves and reveal beautiful and inspiring faces of women.

It then developed into a collaboration with Pakistani activist Iram Saaed, who in 1996 had acid thrown at her because she refused a marriage proposal. As a result of the attack, Iram was blinded in her right eye and has had over 25 operations so far. Now an activist, Iram works in a University in Islamabad. During her stay at Fabrica, Iram worked together with the residents of our research center on FACING.

The campaign was created in support of SmileAgain fvg, an Italian association that helps acid victims on their painful road to recovery.

In May 2015 the project was selected to participate in the exhibition “The Bridges of Graffiti”, collateral event at Biennale d’Arte which received the patronage of UNESCO (Commissione Nazionale Italiana).

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