Is Fabrica open to visits?

Fabrica is a private place of work and it is not open to external visits.
For particular enquiries, please contact the Media and Public Relations office at

What type of projects are developed by Fabrica?

Fabrica gives the opportunity to develop personal projects or projects commissioned by external organizations or companies, using the latest technological tools. The projects deal with the different fields of communication: design, photography, music, video, interaction, publishing.

For more information about the projects click here.

Will I attend workshops or lectures?

Fabrica regularly organizes workshops and lectures open to external participants, where the worlds of art, culture and research meet to develop new ideas. Internationally renowned architects, musicians, historians, designers, artists, interaction designers, art directors and sociologists collaborate with Fabrica.

For more information about the workshops and lectures program click here.

Which language is spoken at Fabrica?

Fabrica welcomes people from all over the world. For this reason English is the “official” language. This means that you must be able to read, write and express yourself in English if you want to apply.

Are there professors or tutors?

The daily work is supervised by a team of tutors who, through innovative and engaging methodologies, stimulate and encourage the researchers to develop their projects.
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If the trial period is successful, is it possible to work out dates of the scholarship?

It is possible to arrange the scholarship dates according to your and Fabrica’s availability.

Are expenses for the trail paid for?

For the trial period Fabrica offers accommodation and lunch for two weeks. The flight is at the applicant’s expenses.

After I sent my portfolio, when am I expected to receive an answer?

It takes a couple of months to know if your portfolio meets the selection criteria.

I’m over 25. Can I apply?

As much as we would like to support talented artists from all over the world, unfortunately we cannot make any exception to our age rule.

Are there submission deadlines for applying?

Selections are always open, you can apply whenever you want as we don’t have submission deadlines.

What is the selection process?

To qualify for a residency, you must be 25 or under and have the necessary skills to use technical equipment. In order to apply, you should send a portfolio of works, a curriculum vitae and a motivation letter here.

After the application has been evaluated, you are invited for a two-week trial period at Fabrica. If the trial proves to be successful, you will be offered a scholarship of one year, which consists of a round trip ticket from the residency country, accommodation in Treviso shared with a fellow Fabrica grant holder, free lunches and a monthly allowance.

What does Fabrica offer?

Fabrica offers young people from around the world a one-year scholarship, accommodation and a round-trip ticket to Italy. The range of disciplines is diverse, including design, visual communication, photography, interaction, video, music and journalism.