Frames of Covid-19

03/04 - 06/04/2020

Frames of Covid-19 is a social photography laboratory aimed at high school students who are passionate about photography, but also at young people who approach this language for the first time and are interested in learning more about it. The lab is organized in collaboration with Onde Alte.

April 3 from 15.30 to 17.00
April 6 from 15.30 to 17.00

The Lab will be divided into two days, so it is necessary to register for both dates.

Photography is to discover, see and capture a moment. In this particular historical period, it can be a powerful means of communication for both the photographer and the viewer. A useful language to capture moments that could go unnoticed and to reflect on the pressing need for social change.

Frames of Covid-19 is an online creative laboratory in which to experiment with the use of images as a tool for daily expression and to tell stories of places and people. An opportunity to learn simple photography techniques and describe quarantine in the time of the Covid-19 emergency.

How it will unfold
We will alternate frontal lessons and group works. Following, analysis and creative sharing with photography experts and group facilitators.

Objectives and what we will learn
We will try to tell what we live and feel in this historical moment, developing our observation sensitivity. An opportunity to improve our photographs, thinking together about the different elements that make up an image and what it communicates.

What is needed
It is not necessary to have a camera, a smartphone is enough. The desire to share and experiment in a group should not be missing!

Zoom and Mural platforms.