Frames of Hope


Frames of Hope is a social photography laboratory, aimed at high school and university students and, more generally, at young people who approach photography for the first time and are interested in learning more about it.

The Lab is organized in collaboration with Onde Alte, with the participation of the internationally renowned photographer Matteo De Mayda.

April 24 from 3.30 to 5pm
April 27 from 3.30 to 5pm

The Lab (in Italian) will be divided into two days, so it is necessary to register for both dates.

Registration required at
Limited seats.

Photography is to discover, observe and capture a moment, the desire to tell and excite. In this particular historical period it can be an effective means of communication for both the photographer and the viewer.
After a long period in which the emergency of Covid-19 has profoundly changed our lives, now we perceive in the distance the first signs of a new rebirth. In many Italian regions, the situation in hospitals is slowly improving, nature is regaining human-modified spaces, we are starting to take our first steps outside our home, we are slowly learning new rules and a more responsible social behavior, appreciating even the smallest things. Each of us feels and experiences different perspectives and emotions by looking at the situation from our point of view.
In this scenario, photography can be a special language to observe and tell our experience through creativity. A useful way to stop moments that could go unnoticed, activate people’s perception and reflect on the need to effect social change.

Frames of Hope is an online creative laboratory in which we will try to use images as a tool for daily expression and to tell stories of territories and people. An opportunity also to learn simple photography techniques and express, through images, expectations, intentions, reflections and hopes for this new reopening phase.

How the laboratory will take place
The laboratory is divided into two days during which we will alternate frontal lessons with individual research works and photography practicing. Following, analysis and creative group sharing with the photographer Matteo De Mayda.

Objectives and what we will learn
Express and tell what we live and feel in this historical moment, developing sensitivity in observation and one’s creativity. It is also an opportunity to improve our photographs, reasoning together about the different elements that make up an image and what it communicates.

What is needed
A smartphone is enough, it is not necessary to have a camera. The desire to share and experiment in a group must not be missing!

Zoom platform.

Matteo De Mayda
Matteo De Mayda is a photographer engaged in social projects, represented by the Contrasto Agency. His photos have appeared in The New York Times, The Guardian, Internazionale, British Journal of Photography, The Wall Street Journal, FT Magazine, Vogue and Vice. His works have been exhibited at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva (2013), the Venice Architecture Biennale (2016) and other cultural institutions. In 2019 he published “Era Mare”, a book on high water in Venice.