Franco Fontana


Color and Creativity

On 19 April at 7:00pm Fabrica will host a lecture by Franco Fontana, one of the most famous Italian contemporary photographers, known for his unique and elegant visual language, characterized by color and naturally appearing geometric shapes. As he said in an interview with National Geographic: “I take color photos because, luckily, I can see in colors. I think color is harder than black and white, which is already an invention, since reality is never accepted as it is on a creative level, and so it has to be reinvented. My color is not a chromatic addition to black and white; having freed myself from the spectacular constraints that have characterized color photography, my use of color represents a different way of seeing, one that accepts color as an unavoidable milestone in the evolution of photography.”

At Fabrica, Franco Fontana will bring the public into his world, one of evocative and unique images that elicit emotions and admiration.

Franco Fontana was born in 1933 and took up photography in 1961. His earliest solo show was held in Modena in 1968, a date that marked a turning point in his experience. He has written over 60 books, published in multiple editions in Italian, Japanese, French, German, Swiss, American and Spanish publishers. His photographs have been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide and have featured in over 400 solo and collective exhibitions. His images can be found in over 50 museum collections around the world.



Color and creativity
19 April, 7:00pm
Fabrica Auditorium
Lecture in Italian
Free entrance upon availability
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