The expression of air.

Fabrica and Daikin, the Japanese multinational and world leader of indoor climate systems, present “FUHA” on April 14-19 at the Fuori Salone. FUHA is a multisensory artistic layout with a multitude of creative stories that give shape to air.

“FU” and “HA” are two traditional Japanese onomatopoeic expressions reminiscent of the sound of human breath.

“FU” recalls the sound of blowing on something to cool it, while “HA” imitates the sound of exhaling, open-mouthed, to warm something. Using this concept as their starting point, the young researchers at Fabrica created a setting in which the air is the designer. Through ten different installations in which air manifests its existence in the form of sound, weight or substance, visitors come into contact with the invisible, thus turning the intangible into physical interaction.

The exhibits reveal the various qualities air can assume, even presumably indistinct ones such as form and volume. An interactive printer shows the movement of air according to the user’s lung capacity. The weight of air is shown in an installation that uses various elements to show reciprocal tension. A series of full-scale drawings of trees represents the effect of air over time: a force that moulds the environment and nature almost imperceptibly, season after season.