Gad Lerner


Disunited colors of prejudice

On Tuesday, 11 December, at 6:30 PM., Fabrica will host journalist Gad Lerner for a public conference entitled “Disunited colours of prejudice”.

A ‘victim-population’ blinded by self-pity: people who belong to this category are the originators of a current of thought that is bringing together the nationalisms of a hundred years ago with the present day’s revolt against globalisation.

From the twentieth-century exaltation of “blood and soil” and the “Great Proletarian” to the denunciation of the evil plot of international finance that seeks to shift migratory currents, so as to achieve an “ethnic transplant” – the “great replacement” – the same arguments and the same language return. Only the enemies to be defeated change (partially). We give the floor to a self-proclaimed “stateless, radical-chic, enemy of the people”…

Gad Lerner was born in Beirut into a Jewish family. After early journalistic experiences in Lotta Continua, he collaborated with Radio Popolare and, later, became a reporter for Italian weekly L’Espresso. In the early nineties, he began his television career, working on two programmes – dedicated to the issues and challenges facing northern Italy – for the country’s state-owned RAI Tre channel. In 1993 he became deputy editor of Turin-based national newspaper La Stampa. Later he went on work as a correspondent and editorialist for daily national newspapers Corriere della Sera and Repubblica.
After a brief stint back at RAI, where he served as the head of RAI 1’s evening news program, in 2001, Lerner participated in the foundation of new Italian TV channel La7, where he was director of the news program. He started a weekly news analysis program, Otto e Mezzo, and ran another, L’Infedele, for about 10 years, through 2012. He left La7 in 2013 and has since curated and developed other TV programs, including – again – for RAI 3, for which he is also making a documentary series called Operai and a special on the 1967 Six-Day War.
Lerner is also the author of many books including Concetta: Una storia operaia (Feltrinelli, 2017), Operai (Feltrinelli, 1987, reprinted in 2010) and Crociate. Il millennio dell’odio (Rizzoli, 2000, 2016).

Disunited colours of prejudice
Tuesday, 11 December, 6:30 PM
Conference in Italian
Admission is free, subject to seating availability

Fabrica Auditorium
Via Postioma, 54/F
Catena di Villorba (Tv)
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The photo of Gad Lerner is by Giacomo Maestri