Fabrica x ars fabricandi

20 marzo 2017

ars fabricandi, a design brand established in Brussels in 2016, invites Fabrica to take part in its debut project, Genesis.

Genesis is a collection of furnishings created by eleven designers from different continents. Fabrica’s team, coordinated by Sam Baron and Giorgia Zanellato, is composed of Ainhoa Garmendia (Spain), Anne-Claire Hostequin (France), Jo-chieh Huang (Taiwan), Angéles Ortiz (Equador), Daniel Rous (United Kingdom) and Quentin Vuong (France). Each object retains traces of its origins while blending with ars fabricandi’s core vision, i.e. design as a cosmopolitan, international lifestyle inspired by five fundamental values: iconic design, interconnecting stories, the perception of the materials’ essence, designers and craftspeople for whom their work is a life passion. The objects are the fruit of technical and style-driven research and of the designers’ emotions and memories. The materials, too, fuse together to create a unique combination that speaks a universal, authentic language.

Milan Design Week 2017

4-9 April
Palazzo Litta
Corso Magenta, 24

Ainhoa Garmendia / ARIMA
Ainhoa is a product design engineer from San Sebastian, Spain. Her experiences living in Helsinki and later working in Madrid gave her a strong interest in telling stories through objects. Her work focuses on bringing awareness to sustainability and contemporary issues. Ainhoa joined the Fabrica Design team in September 2016.

Arima is a representation of our souls, our desires and fears. A space to display our most precious objects, the curtain acting as a screen suggests a theatrical nature, a feeling of mystery and intimacy.

Jo-chieh Huang / HAI
Jo-chieh is a product and object designer from Taiwan. Her passion is responding to issues related to humanity and the observation of natural relationships through objects. She has been a member of the Fabrica Design team since 2016.

Inspired by nostalgic memories of the gentle Pacific waves found in Taiwan, Hai is a collection of glass comprised of a vase, bowl and tray. Together they act as a mini scene of relaxation and a reminder of home when we are far away.

Anne-Claire Hostequin / TOTUM
Anne-Claire is a product designer from Paris. She is particularly interested in user experience, exploring, analysing and interrogating the common typologies of objects. She joined Fabrica Design team in 2016.

Inspired by the family bond, Totum is a pedestal table made of contrasting elements that work as one. The stone gives weight and stability, the metal is delicate and functional, the leather brings warmth and, all together, they create a table.

Angeles Ortiz / MISCLE
Angeles is a product designer from Ecuador. Her work focuses on her curiosity in culture and research on human behaviour. In 2015 she joined the Fabrica Design team.

Miscle is a bench inspired by the typical dress of inhabitants from the Andes. The form of the bench is a simple wooden structure with elegant junctions. Dressed with a contemporary adaption of a traditional Poncho, the seat addresses the identity of the Andean communities.

Daniel Rous / ALBERO
Daniel is a British product and furniture designer, his work is driven by a desire to balance context, function and production. Daniel has been part of the Fabrica Design team since 2014.

Albero represents the tree at the centre of the home. A place where you hang your coats and jackets upon entering or check yourself before leaving. Mirrors rest between the branches, cascading at different levels, hinting a sense of fluidity and movement.

Quentin Vuong / CALESCO
Quentin joined the Fabrica Design team in 2016. His interests lie in research around the processing of ubiquitous materials such as paper and cork, working with craftsmen and FabLabs to realise unseen, functional outcomes.

Inspired by Veneto chimneys and their stacked basic forms, Calesco inherits their architectural forms and brings them inside. Opening the compartments reveal hidden contents such as bottles, glasses and a crystal carafe.


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