Fabrica x ars fabricandi

ars fabricandi, a design brand established in Brussels in 2016, invites Fabrica to take part in its debut project, Genesis.

Genesis is a collection of furnishings created by eleven designers from different continents. Fabrica’s team, coordinated by Sam Baron and Giorgia Zanellato, is composed of Ainhoa Garmendia (Spain), Anne-Claire Hostequin (France), Jo-chieh Huang (Taiwan), Angéles Ortiz (Equador), Daniel Rous (United Kingdom) and Quentin Vuong (France). Each object retains traces of its origins while blending with ars fabricandi’s core vision, i.e. design as a cosmopolitan, international lifestyle inspired by five fundamental values: iconic design, interconnecting stories, the perception of the materials’ essence, designers and craftspeople for whom their work is a life passion. The objects are the fruit of technical and style-driven research and of the designers’ emotions and memories. The materials, too, fuse together to create a unique combination that speaks a universal, authentic language.

Milan Design Week 2017

4-9 April
Palazzo Litta
Corso Magenta, 24