Guillermo Trotti


EarthDNA – Accelerating Positive Change for Spaceship Earth

On Thursday, 25 October at 11:30 AM Guillermo Trotti, architect and designer, will be at Fabrica for a lecture entitled “EarthDNA – Accelerating Positive Change for Spaceship Earth”.

EarthDNA seeks to accelerate the transformative actions needed to assure the sustainability of human civilization on our planetary home, Spaceship Earth. We will mine the vast databases on the state of our planet to create compelling narratives and visualizations. We will enable individuals to connect more directly with our planet and to understand Earth’s vital signs and global ecological emergency we are now facing. The United Nations has recognized repeatedly that we need to make transformative changes to cope with climate change, ocean degradation, biodiversity loss and other global threats.

The challenge sounds daunting, but over the last fifty years the world has put into place the architecture to drive the changes we need. EarthDNA uses Big Data and AI to accelerate the global sustainability revolution just starting. EarthDNA seeks to inform, encourage, and enhance accountability for the actions by leaders at every level of government, business, education, and society worldwide.

Guillermo Trotti, president of Trotti & Associates, is an internationally recognized architect and designer specializing in habitats for Space and other extreme environments. He works in the intersection of technology, design, and sustainability, researching and developing cutting-edge ways of using new materials and technologies then using those designs to make the extreme habitable. For more than 25 years he taught design in architecture, and industrial design, at the University of Houston and at the Rhode Island School of Design respectively. He was the first architect to work with NASA and is currently collaborating with MIT on the BioSuit project, an advanced counter-pressure spacesuit for Lunar and Mars surface exploration.