Human being / Being human

A performance by Martina Zena

30 settembre 2015

Human Being Being Human is a multimedia performance conceived by Fabrica’s artist Martina Zena.



Through the media of the Monotype system, music and video comes the story of a life: from the first signs that develop through growth and ultimately reach their end. Each performance describes a person's story, different and unique but always marked by the same phases. All lives begin as an embryo and end as a pile of bones. All the same, all different. 

Eight Monotype prints are made on Favini paper during the performance. The fruit of visual and sound media cross-fertilisation in which technology translates these two parallel languages. Monotype becomes the message. Each series of prints is unique but similar to the others, just as each person is different yet like other people. Sound becomes the flow in which creation comes to life, but it is also an echo of this process. The video aspect provides a visual bridge from one stage of creation to the next.

The prints are made on a new form of paper by Favini, called Remake, which contains 25% leather instead of tree cellulose, giving the surface a unique soft and smooth look and feel.

In addition to Martina Zena, the performance involves Francesco Novara, for sound design and music production, Christian Coppe for the motion graphics and Angelo Semeraro for electronic coding.



Martina Zena has a degree in painting and completed a specialist course in graphic design at the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts. Her research has always focused on a multidisciplinary form that ranges from visual arts to design and performance art. In March 2015 she was awarded a study grant to work in Fabrica\'s editorial department. The projects she has worked on for Fabrica include screen prints, for the “People” project, which were displayed in Palazzo Bomben, Treviso, for StatisticAll, the Festival of Statistics and Demography (11-13 September).

In October 2015 Human Being / Being Human was performed at the opening of Print Club, in Turin. 

On Saturday 30th January, 2016 Martina Zena was the guest of Fruit Exhibition, an event about the best design graphic publications and creative publishing (Bologna, 29th-31st January).


Favini is a world-leading company that makes groundbreaking speciality graphic design products using natural materials for the packaging of luxury and fashion articles. Favini produced the paper on which artist Martina Zena will express her creative flair during the performance. Indeed, the very paper chosen for “Human being / Being human”contains creativity; it is the fruit of up-cycling, also known as creative reuse, a process by which rejects and by-products are turned into articles of greater quality.




Sound Design & Music Production
Sound Design & Music Production
Electronic Coding
Motion Graphics