Imagine Parma


To mark “Parma: Italian Capital of Culture 2020”, Oliviero Toscani and Fabrica have been commissioned to produce a reportage of the city.
For this purpose, a “never-ending team” of modern photographers and image creators of every type will be put together to document and interpret every corner and human landscape.

The perspectives are plentiful and the possibilities infinite because Parma represents everything: ham, cheese, cappelletti, bollito, history, politics, Giuseppe Verdi, Correggio, shops and museums, galleries and industries, craftsmen and artists, schools and churches, animals and clubs, sports associations and social centres, stores and prisons, Parma locals old and new, people coming, people going, unique and diverse facial features of the same Human Race.

The photographers
There will be well-known image creators, professional photographers of every type and all sorts of amateurs, even selfie artists and maniacs. Each one will have the task of showing us Parma through different eyes, each according to their own ability, creativity and imagination. We will place no limits: portraits, landscapes, views, geometric shapes and patterns, details, mistakes, combinations, weddings, avant-gardes.

How to participate
You can produce your own photos of Parma freely and independently and send them to Fabrica, submit your own idea for the project to Fabrica or agree on a theme together with the editorial office (see “themes” here below).
Fabrica and the Municipality of Parma will help to develop projects considered interesting, releasing any passes, permits, organizing appointments, etc.
You can also access the project by taking part in the workshop and master class activities, which will be organised throughout the year. All the selected pictures will be published (see below) with the authors’ credits and will produce Parma’s “future historic memory”. There are no economic reimbursements of any kind.

People, architectures and details
Crafts and trade
Churches and symbols
The street
Food and wine
Schools and teen
Wisdom (old age)
Art, creativity, music
Groups and clan
New Parmigians
Love and emotions
Secrets and obsessions
Outsiders and integration

Over the year we will be transforming Parma into one large, open-air photographic studio and, at the same time, into a theatre of itself: all photographers will have the opportunity to see their work published in the media available to us; the residents will see themselves constantly portrayed in the city’s public places: in the streets, squares and schools, on posters, in newspapers (and digital media).
All this will encourage communal participation in the true sense and will transform the event into a collective effort that we think may end up being collected into a book featuring the best of all the images produced.

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