In Between


In Between is a peaceful performative installation aiming to bring people together, conceived during the workshop that Gianluca Vassallo held at Fabrica in March 2018.

On that occasion, people from various geographical, cultural and working backgrounds came together to discuss about integration, trying to make an artistic proposal. The work was developed in the following months until the definition of the project that was presented in the streets of Treviso on 30 and 31 March 2019.

In Between is an urban installation that tries, through its insistence in the public space, to force the encounter with the other making it inevitable.

Two mobile walls in the middle of a pedestrian area restrict the space in which people can flow and, overlapping each other, blind each person’s path, forcing him or her to an unpredictable encounter.

An artistic work that moves, appears and disappears, asking questions to society in a peaceful way.

Crossing In Between we leave our comfort zone to enter an indefinite space that places us in front of who we are for the Other and who the Other is for us. An equal and prenatal condition in which no one is a foreigner.


The Team

Gianluca Vassallo
Max Foytik
Federica Masolo

Moustaou Arouna
Souleymane Bande
Nicola Biscaro
Ricardo Blas Brotons
Matarr Cham
Elena Guidotto
Stephan Kengne
Evans Ogbajie
Silvia Pizzi
Mauro Romanzi
Stefano Stoppa