Inside the Bunker


Presentation of “Inside the bunker”, the new book by Raffo Ferraro.

Introduces Oliviero Toscani
With the author and Stefano Allievi, sociologist

On Monday, 2 December at 7:00 pm Fabrica will host the presentation of “Inside the bunker” (Scatole Parlanti, 2019) by Raffo Ferraro, with a preface by Oliviero Toscani.

What could happen after a world apocalypse that has brought death and destruction all over the planet? Raffo Ferraro imagines a new underground world, consisting of bunkers, in which a few chosen human beings have had the opportunity to recreate a different society, with laws and rules studied by brilliant minds whose ultimate goal is the continuation of the human race according to certain peaceful levels of cohabitation.

Honestly I believe that – as it happens in the novel – children should be raised by the State, because it is in the absence of family conditioning that we find the most fertile ground of human intelligence. Imagine what it would be like not to have a single mother or one dad, but many parents, one for each discipline. We could have philosophers to teach us ethics, great artisans to show us how to use our hands, rock stars to teach us music, artists to direct us towards a free expression, says Oliviero Toscani in the preface.

Raffaele Ferraro was born in 1980 in the province of Treviso where he still lives. Graduated in Law, he worked for a few years in a law firm. Later, he devoted himself to consulting on savings and investment. In 2011 he published On the rocks (Sangel), half-novel and half-musical essay.

Free entrance.

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