Inspired by Ecuador


A project by Fabrica for Unicef, in partnership with Diners Club Ecuador.

Inspired by Ecuador is a project initiated by Ángeles Ortiz, an Ecuadorian designer working at Fabrica.

After the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that devastated the Manabí region in Ecuador on 16 April 2016, Ángeles felt the urge to support her home country. As a product designer working at Fabrica, an international and multidisciplinary environment and a catalyst for creative energy, she came up with Inspired by Ecuador, an initiative that connects artists from around the world to the heart of Ecuador using art as an open space for expression.

Thirty artists belonging to Fabrica’s international network have accepted the invitation, donating their creativity to express the culture, traditions, colors, nature and vibrant beauty of the country. The result is a unique collection of 30 artworks – photos, illustrations, collage, paintings, silkscreens – that have been sold during an auction organized by Unicef and Diners Club Ecuador on October 15th, 2016 at the Sucre National Theatre in Quito, Ecuador. The auction has been followed by the performance of Symphony for Life, an orchestra played by young children. 700 guests attended the concert.

Among the personalities present at the event, Rosalía Arteaga Serrano, an Ecuadorian politician, writer and social activist.

11.466 euro have been collected; these proceeds will be used by Unicef to help victims of the earthquake.


The artists:
Sam Baron, France
Studio Dessuant Bone, France
Jacqueline Brown, Usa
Elliott Burford, Australia
Chiara Capuzzo, Italy
Pau Casals, Spain
Matteo Cibic, Italy
Adriana Crespo, Ecuador
Mariana Fernandes, Portugal
Alexis Gallo, Usa
Giorgio Gasco, Italy
Coralie Gourguechon, France
Anne Claire Hostequin, France
Jo-chieh Huang, Taiwan
Namiko Kitaura, Japan
Sílvia Matias, Portugal
Mirella Musri, Argentina
Karen Oetling, Mexico
Ángeles Ortiz, Ecuador
Paolo Palma, Italy
Marcello Piccinini, Italy
Tomás Pichardo, Rep. Dominicana
Shek Po Kwan, Hong Kong
Daniel Rous, United Kingdom
Laura Sans, Spain
Federica Simoni, Italy
Guillermo Tragant, Argentina
Isaac Vallentin, Canada
Quentin Vuong, France
Giorgia Zanellato, Italy

Ángeles Ortiz is a BA Product designer graduated from IED born in 1992. Since 2013, Ángeles’ work has been awarded by various institutions, such as the Rijksmuseum and Domus Academy. Her work shows an insightful commitment to culture, human behavior, and arts & crafts raised from a high level of research work. In 2015 she joined Fabrica as a product design resident. During her residency she has been collaborating in the team as an exhibition designer as well as taking part of Curio Art Basel 2016.