Jair Benavidez


Which innovations are shaping the future consumer?

On 27th February at 6:30pm Fabrica will host a lecture by Jair Benavidez, a retail specialist with a long experience in helping companies getting closer to their customers by understanding their behaviors and converting those insights into actionable business plans.
Information is free and everywhere, new technologies emerge faster than ever and some become obsolete even before hitting masses or making meaningful impact.

All these new technologies help creators create, and when many of these innovators -not necessarily connected to each other- across different locations and industries start exploring and innovating around one specific or similar field, a trend starts to come out.
In his talk, Jair will share some global trends and will give specific examples of innovations –by companies, collective artists or entrepreneurs- happening today that are helping the growth of those trends. The purpose is not to judge the innovations but rather to understand the underlining tendency behind, to be aware of how these movements could possibly change people’s behavior and eventually impact on our businesses.

Jair has been in the fashion business industry for over 10 years and his works have been impacting companies like Inditex, C&A and United Colors of Benetton. He has been working across Mexico, Belgium, Germany and Italy. As a true millennial, Jair has a passion for the future consumer, new technologies and how innovations change human expectations. Jair holds an MBA from WHU in Dusseldorf and studies in Columbia Business School in New York and Fudan University in Shanghai.


“Which innovations are shaping the future consumer?”
Jair Benavidez, retail specialist
Tuesday, 27th February 2018, 6:30pm
Fabrica auditorium
Free entrance upon availability
For information: press@fabrica.it