Jonas Eltes


Lost in Computation

Jonas Eltes, ex Fabrica resident and finalist in the Virtual Art section of Arte Laguna Prize will talk about Lost in Computation, the interactive artwork he realized during his residency at Fabrica to celebrate UN International Mother Language Day.

Inspired by the nature of the artist’s own conversations with Italians, Lost in Computation embodies a realtime multilingual conversation between a Swedish and an Italian-speaking chatbot, translated through Google Translate. The conversation highlights the level of sophistication machine-learning algorithms have achieved thus reflecting how the abstraction of numerous layers of hidden computation distorts our communication in today’s digital landscape

Lost in Computation is currently exhibited at Arte Laguna, an event aimed at the promotion and enhancement of Contemporary Art, until April 8.

The artwork is also present at the Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM) in Karlsruhe within the Open Codes. Living in Digital Words exhibition, until August 5, 2018. ZKM has gathered around 120 artistic and scientific works presenting the fantastic possibilities for an individual experiencing and shaping of the world through the knowledge and use of codes.

28 March 2018, at 6.30pm
Fabrica Auditorium
Free entrance until availability
Lecture in English
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