Julien Cantegreil


Lo Spazio/la Terra: Costruzione di una narrazione per una delle esplorazioni più urgenti della nostra generazione

On Thursday, 25 October at 6:00 PM Julien Cantegreil, Space lawyer and activist, will be at Fabrica for a lecture entitled “Space/Earth: Building a narrative for one of our generation’s most pressing exploration”.

Earth and Space are twins: they mirror each other. Exploring Space is re-exploring earth, no less. In an age of conflicts and creeping militarization, it is a call for a deeper commitment to science, knowledge and wonder. In a technology driven age, it is a call for more humanities and a global inclusive narrative. Exploring Space builds a better inhabited earth. It is now time for action since, for the first time in history, Outer Space is here: we live in Space, as exemplified by MASCOT landing on Ryugu asteroid on this very month of October 2018, and so we need to know how to live there in a proper way. To inhabit a place requires concepts, design, narrative. So we will explore very practically how the humanist heritage/ European design tradition can be useful.

Julien Cantegreil is president of AsterIdea, a newly created European Not for profit dedicated to build concepts and narrative for Space exploration. An amateur pilot and diver, Julien is an entrepreneur: Founder & CEO of Our Space Labs, a Paris based New Space company dedicated to the resilience of LEO infrastructures, as well as Head of European Operations of Strike Protocols, a NY based fintech (blockchain) company. Formerly, deputy General counsel of the luxury world leader KERING, researcher (Ecole normale supérieure, Collège de France) and speech writer of the French Minister of Finance. A graduate from the Ecole normale supérieure (economics), Agrégation (philosophy), Yale Law School (LLM). PhD in Law at Sorbonne. Numerous pro bono activity. Julien has participated at Fabrica’s High on Subversion Festival, last March 2018.