Lake Knot

A design installation by Leonora Gray at Domaine de Boisbuchet.

5 giugno 2017

In early June a team of Fabrica female designers – Leonora Gray (UK), Ainhoa Garmendia (Spain), Angeles Ortiz (Ecuador) and Jo-Chieh Huang (Taiwan) –  spent a few days at the Domaine de Boisbuchet, the prestigious center for design education in France, to install Lake Knot, a temporary site-specific artwork born from the creativity of Leonora Gray.


Lake Knot, which will stay in the Boisbuchet country estate for the duration of the workshop season until early September 2017, takes inspiration from the Japanese wood joinery technique of a butterfly joint.
Usually used for the purpose of connecting two pieces of wood together, the larger scale knot will act to join two natural elements. This becomes an interactive installation which invites users to sit, contemplate and become closer to the water.


Born in 1991, Leonora Gray is a Designer from London. A Spatial Design graduate from Chelsea College of Art, her practice focuses on the poetics of space and objects. Since graduating, she has been working on various projects in London, Paris, Seville and Treviso. Leonora joined Fabrica in 2017 and is currently working within the Design Department.

Domaine de Boisbuchet is a French country estate where Alexander von Vegesack, co-founder and director of the Vitra Design Museum until 2011, established a non-profit center for design education. Since 25 years the center is known for workshops on design and related disciplines conducted by internationally acclaimed experts.