Within the Fabrica Creative Labs, on September 10 from 3:00 to 4:00 CEST Luca Barcellona, Italian graphic designer and calligrapher, will give an online lecture on the analysis of the different lettering in cinema posters and covers of soundtracks.

The Italian cinema of the 60s and 70s in particular, not only did great composers lent to the seventh art, such as the late Maestro Morricone, but also poster painters who made incredible masterpieces that entered the collective imagination, but whose names have remained almost unknown to the general public; some of these are made for famous films, but sometimes even those designed for “B Movies” are better; the appearance of the lettering, sometimes unfairly placed in the background, is unique in its kind and is also highly appreciated abroad, thanks to the relative covers of the soundtracks.

The lecture will be dedicated to the analysis of the different lettering showing posters and covers of soundtracks from Luca Barcellona’s personal collection, who will also talk about his teaching experience through the unique workshops held on the subject in recent years.
An opportunity to lay eyes where many do not look, and to recover, at least visually, this beautiful Italian tradition.


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Free event, in English
Platform Zoom
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Luca Barcellona was born in 1978 and he started his studies of calligraphy in 1999. He has his own studio in Milan, where he works as a freelance graphic designer and calligrapher. Letters are the main ingredient of his creations. He’s a member of Associazione Calligrafica Italiana and holded workshops, exhibitions, conferences and performances all around the world during the last 15 years, from Australia to Brazil, USA, Argentina, Japan and all among the Europe. He brings his modern idea of calligraphy based on study of classical ancient letterforms combined with new languages and street writing expressions, since he started as a graffiti writer. The means of his work is to make the manual skill of an ancient art as writing and the languages and instruments of the digital era coexist. His lettering has been requested by the most important worldwide brands among the years. As well as taking part to several independent projects, his works appeared in many publications. In 2012 he published his first monographic book “Take Your Pleasure Seriously” by Lazy Dog press, the publishing house of which is a member himself. His study into lettering led him to experience from graffiti to classic calligraphy, up to big wallpainting, virtual reality calligraphy, typography and letterpress printing.

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