20 settembre 2014

Lipadusa by Calogero Cammalleri is a project about the identity of Lampedusa. The island, in spite of itself, has become synonymous of migration, tragedies at sea, despair and misery. This book instead presents Lampedusa’s most authentic and timeless character.

Lipadusa is supported by UNHCR (United Nations High Committee for Refugees) and was officially presented in Sala Tempio di Adriano in Rome in September 2014.

In December 2014 the photo-exhibition Lipadusa, storie di vita e di mare opened in Museo Civico di Castelbuono, near Palermo, Sicily.

From February to June 2016 the project is hosted at Museum Kunst der Westküste, Alkersum (Föhr Island, Northern Germany).

Calogero is himself a returning emigrant: after leaving Sicily at the age of three with his family for Germany, he returned to his homeland after seventeen years, in search of his origins. His photographs, together with the text by Silvia Giralucci, capture the singularity of Lampedusa, which is far away from the image delivered by the medias. Geographically closer to Africa, but politically still Italian, Lampedusa lives a dimension of being not only an isolated island but also a sort of confinement or border, a place of dreams and loneliness. The photographs on display depict the flow of life in Lampedusa: fishermen, children, animals, impressions, dreams, moments captured in black and white and sometimes blurry, in a transfiguration of reality that becomes indefinite.  


Creative Director
Photo Editor