Love for the small


Love for the small will be the theme of the third episode of Fabrica About Future.

On the one hand, the enhancement and revitalization of small villages and the most fragile Italian areas towards which interest in alternative forms of living has rekindled, on the other hand the need to give voice to small independent artisans and their products of the highest quality.

We will talk about it on Tuesday 23 February at 10.30 CET with Emma Taveri, CEO and founder of Destination Makers, which deals with areas by designing development and marketing paths shared with local communities, in line with the latest market trends, for the relaunch of little villages and marginal areas. And with Martina Capriotti and Ciro Di Lanno, founders of Mirta, a marketplace dedicated to artisanal products, small productions that come from hands and minds rich in meaning and quality.

A dialogue dedicated to the small of value, passionate, who innovates, who looks at beauty as a competitive differential.

The meeting, led by Massimiliano Ventimiglia, Fabrica’s Program Director, will be broadcast live on Zoom.

Fabrica About Future is a program of digital conversations with Italian startups and companies, entrepreneurs and professionals from various industries, ranging from fashion to design, from tourism to food, from automotive to finance, from culture to entertainment, to discover new ways of doing business.

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Free event, in Italian.

Emma Taveri

Expert in destination management and marketing, passionate about social impact, with international experience for important travel brands (TripAdvisor, World Travel Market, TTG…), she left her career in London to found Destination Makers, a boutique consulting firm focused on the enhancement and promotion of destinations (especially in lesser known areas) and on the motivation of local communities. She is lecturer and speaker in events of national and international importance and coordinator of the “destination” theme in the Scientific Committee of the BTO in Florence, the main event on innovation in tourism in Italy.

She is also the creator, together with her team, of Recharge In Nature, a destination marketing campaign that has gone viral with almost 20 thousand applications from all over the world to experience a stay of total disconnection (without mobile phones) in a refuge in the heart of the Veneto Dolomites, and she is the creator of Sea Working Brindisi, a destination marketing campaign with the aim of making Brindisi the ideal destination for remote workers.

Ciro Di Lanno and Martina Capriotti

Mirta’s co-founders, started their careers in Boston Consulting Group. While Martina left Milano and lived between South Korea and Japan to work closer with local luxury brands, Ciro started an MBA at Stanford, California. Both their experiences led to the birth of Mirta.

On one side, Martina saw a big potential for Made in Italy luxury to grow in the Asian market and, at the same time, identified the issues and difficulties for small businesses that wanted to approach it. On the other, Ciro was able to experience the dynamics of Silicon Valley startups and to learn important lessons that were then applied to Mirta, born in 2019.