Marco Morosini


The Art of Selling a Bag

Marco Morosini is a designer and photographer. He founded the brand Brandina The Original, a bag and accessories line “made in Italy”,  produced with the typical fabric of beach deck-chairs. Today, Brandina is popular as icon of seaside design, exporting the Italian seaside culture all over the world.

22-23 February 2018

“The Art of Selling a Bag” explores the relationship between Design, Art and Industry. Art has to be released from the laces of finance, and has to be again part of our world. We have to learn how to dream, knowing that we can do that, and hoping that the world will be saved by creativity and beauty, not by power.

The workshop lasts two days and is diveded into two parts.
The first one will aim at knowing each other: Marco Morosini will illustrate his work, explaining his studio’s experience and the history of his brand BRANDINA. The second part will be more practical, and the participants will work on their own start up idea. The afternoon of the second day will be dedicated to the discussion of each idea.

TIMETABLE: 9:30am-1:00pm – 2:00pm-6:00pm