Maria Cristina Didero, Francesca Molteni and Franco Audrito



May 21, at 5.30 pm Superdesign film will be projected in the Fabrica auditorium.

Maria Cristina Didero and Francesca Molteni will be at Fabrica on May 21 to introduce, together with architect Franco Audrito from Studio 65 as special guest, the screening of Superdesign, a film about 19 players of the Italian Radical Movement, which retraces the history and heritage of the movement taking us back to that time when everything seems possible.

Originating as a response to the tumultuous political climate of the era, the Italian Radical Design represented a revolutionary time when the need for change has spread everywhere in the Western world and has pervaded all aspects of life. The film, through beautiful archival images, recreates the atmosphere of that period.

Curator and producer Maria Cristina Didero and director Francesca Molteni wanted to further investigating the untold stories behind these outstanding works, directly from memories of the players of the time.

Superdesign features, among the great players of that magic era, Emilio Ambasz, Franco Audrito, Dario Bartolini, Lapo Binazzi, Andrea Branzi, Germano Celant, Gilberto Coretti, Pietro Derossi, Piero Gilardi, Ugo La Pietra, Roberta Meloni, Alessandro Mendini, Adolfo Natalini, Gaetano Pesce, Gianni Pettena, Franco Raggi, Charlie Stendig, Cristiano Toraldo di Francia, Jim Walrod.

Screening Superdesign 
a film by Maria Cristina Didero and Francesca Molteni
May 21, at 5.30 pm
Free entrance until availability