Martin Parr


On 9 July 2019 Fabrica will host a workshop and a lecture by Martin Parr, one of the best-known documentary photographers of his generation.

10am to 5pm
Price: € 400,00 (it includes lunch, it does not include travel, accommodation or extra expenses)
Language: English

The workshop is open to both professional and amateur photographers and it consists of a collective portfolio reading session. Martin Parr will work with participants, critiquing and developing their respective bodies of work, their creative practices and artistic identities, helping them to learn how to push their work forward to become better photographers.
A fluid event to socialize together and understand what’s going on in photography today through exercises, debates and comments from everybody.
More than an average educational workshop, as Martin Parr will also reveal many of his tricks of the trade.

Reservation required at


Lecture – “Photobiography” / SOLD OUT
Free entrance upon registration via Eventbrite
Language: English

Martin Parr is one of the best-known documentary photographers of his generation.
With over 100 books of his own published, and another 30 edited by him, Martin Parr’s photographic legacy is already established. Parr also acts as a curator and editor. He has curated two photography festivals, Arles in 2004 and Brighton Biennial in 2010. More recently Parr curated the Barbican exhibition, Strange and Familiar. Parr has been a member of the Magnum agency since 1994 and was President from 2013 – 2017. In 2013 Parr was appointed the visiting professor of photography at the University of Ulster. Parr’s work has been collected by many of the major museums, from the Tate, the Pompidou and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Martin Parr established the Martin Parr Foundation in 2017.

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