Mattia Zoppellaro


Gente Per Bene, Gente Per Male

On 19 March at 7pm Fabrica will host a lecture by Mattia Zoppellaro, internationally renowned photographer, specialized in portrait. He’s portrayed, among others, U2, Lou Reed, Patti Smith and Depeche Mode. He’s collaborated with several prestigious magazines, such as Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, GQ, Sunday Times Magazine. Beside these works, Zoppellaro’s projects focus on issues related to social themes, youth culture and topics such as religious ceremonies in Sicily or the porn fair in Milan. He lives between Milan and London, and the conference at Fabrica is a unique opportunity to meet him.
Gente Per Bene, Gente Per Male
Monday, 19 March, 7pm
Fabrica Auditorium
Lecture in Italian
Free entrance upon availability
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