Michele De Lucchi


Animals don't

“Animals don’t make them. Not really.

Occasionally they happen by themselves, but:

Only humans continuously make objects and continuously try to make them different.

We give specific meaning to objects, either practical or symbolic. We give value; or attempt an aesthetical measurement of beauty. We create objects with a reason to exist beyond nature’s purpose. We humans imagine, we produce, we manage and even destroy them throughout their existence.

Our imagination needs somewhere to see itself. We project onto objects. We ascribe value.

And we do it with our left brain and our right brain. We know this.


The Earth’s vibrations mean that distance is always moving, even imperceptibly. Inside an object that vibrancy shimmers with sensorial proximity to the use of light, sound, smell and of course, touch, among all the supposedly intangible environmental stimuli available. One feels alive. Great objects allow for great internal life, in the best cases, resonating with the very soul of the viewer.


My world is made up of objects, small and large. Seen internally or at some distance.

My models ask you to view them within different landscapes. To provide a frame which allows a narrative.

You may investigate inside what you could not with smaller objects. Or you may stand very far away from my objects. You can define their dimensions in your landscape(s). I love my objects. Their meanings are in your life though. And they’re probably not the same as in mine.


We might say: the world needs to choose where to stand, so that we can understand what we see.

I invite you to step backwards or forwards to examine my work, and the work of all who believe in the life of objects. Nothing is static.

I am Michele De Lucchi, a maker of objects.”.

(Text by Michele De Lucchi)


Animals Don’t
Conference by Michele De Lucchi
15 May, 6:30PM
Fabrica Auditorium
Lecture in Italian
Free entrance upon availability
For more information: press@fabrica.it