Michele De Lucchi


Earth stations. Future sharing architectures

When artificial intelligence will free human beings form bureaucratic and repetitive duties, people will have to find ways to take advantage of their newly-earned freedom and the great technological potential available to them.

Logical and rational activities will be replaced by machine learning and big data; consequently, creative talents and innovative ideas will be increasingly requested.

The Earth Stations – places where the future is planned – offer optimal environmental and psychological conditions to shape the evolutions of the quality of life. They are networked stations, built in infrastructural nodes to be easily reachable.

They are museums, galleries, offices, theaters, stages, bars, cafes, restaurants, gyms, indoor parks, markets, foyers, laboratories, shops, lounges where everything happens simultaneously and different interests are constantly converging.

Everything evolves within them. Walking, proceeding, advancing in the randomness of chance encounters produces the most surprising discoveries. As part of a constant stream of migration, we participate in events and dialogues, formal and informal; there are artisanal and digital laboratories and isolation booths for individual reflection.

They are all places of continuous activity featuring a calendar of events that catalyze attention and energy. In Earth Stations everyone can find recognition for their own contribution, recognize the value of evolution, enjoy the results obtained, set off for new destinations and satisfy the most basic needs of beauty, justice and happiness.

Ideas grow here.

Michele De Lucchi was born in Ferrara in 1951 and graduated in Architecture in Florence. In the years of radical and experimental architecture he was among the protagonists of movements such as Cavart, Alchimia and Memphis. He designed lamps and furnishing elements for the best-known Italian and European companies, such as Artemide, Olivetti, Alias, Unifor, Hermès, Alessi. He designed and renovated buildings in Japan for NTT, in Germany for Deutsche Bank, in Switzerland for Novartis and in Italy for Enel, Olivetti, Piaggio, Poste Italiane and Telecom Italia. He has curated many exhibitions of art and design and designed buildings for museums such as the Triennale di Milano, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, the Neues Museum in Berlin. His professional work has always been accompanied by personal research on the topics of project development, technology and craftsmanship. Since 2004 he has carved small wood houses with a chainsaw as part of his efforts to search for the essence of architectural form.

In 2003 the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris acquired a significant number of his works. A selection of his objects is exhibited in the most important museums in Europe, the United States and Japan. In 2006 he received the Honorary Degree from Kingston University, for his contribution to “quality of life”. Since 2008 he is Full Professor at the Faculty of Design at the Milan Polytechnic and Academic at the National Academy of San Luca in Rome. For all of 2018 he will be the editor of “Domus”, the first of 10 architects who will take turns at the helm of the magazine until 2028.

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This event is part of the activities of Fabrica Circus, a continuous cycle of workshops, laboratories, exhibitions, talks and experiences that experiment with modern communication and was officially launched on January 26 at Fabrica.