8 Ball Community at Fabrica

Lele Saveri from the New York organization lecturing on June 21.

13 June 2017


Fabrica is pleased to host 8-Ball Community Inc., an independent not-for-profit organization that — through free, open-access platforms and events — nurtures and supports a community of people of all ages, gender and backgrounds.

Self-publishing (and self-production in general) is a political statement in a world based on capital. It’s also the freest way of producing work, with no restriction dictated by the market or any other outside entities – it’s simply what you want to produce.

8 Ball Community’s  lecture is part of the Out of Step project, a series of conversations and workshops with renowned names of that broad cultural world that encompasses art, design, cinema and underground culture, hosted at Fabrica, curated by Nico Vascellari, former Fabricante and today one of the most important artists of the international scene.


Lecture in English

June,  21 2017 –  at 6.30 pm

Fabrica Auditorium



8 Ball Community Inc.

8 Ball came from an un-planned and spontaneous decision made by three friends to help a small Billiard Hall in Brooklyn from going out of business.

Between January and July of 2012, "Grand Billiard" hosted events, parties, screenings, launches and other sorts of gatherings. Then in June of that year, they decided to invite local publishers and artists to show and sell their products on the pool tables. This was the first 8-Ball zine fair.

The fair now repeats twice a year in NYC and once in SF, as well as in other countries around the world.

8-Ball Community has expanded since then, producing other events, a radio station, a public access TV, workshops, parties, libraries, books, zines, a gallery, a members-only club and a special newsstand that sold only self publications and lived for 7 months in the subway system of NY, The Newsstand, which was reproduced as an installation part of the New Photography 2015 show at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC and now lives in the museum permanent collection.


Lele Saveri

Lele Saveri was born in Rome in 1980. Since 2010, he’s lived in New York City where he works as an after-school teacher and director of the non profit organization that he started, 8 Ball Community Inc. He ran the now-closed gallery and project space Muddguts and is also the man behind the The Newsstand. His work has been shown in various museums and institutions worldwide, including the Museum of Modern Art in NY, FOAM museum in Amsterdam and Pera in Istanbul.


Photos by Matteo Bellomo

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