Bologna Design Week 2015

Fabrica present its latest products at Fabrica Features concept store.

18 September 2015

Area: Design

As part of the first edition of the Bologna Design Week (30 September – 3 October), the Fabrica Features concept store in Bologna will present a selection of Fabrica new products.

Among them, À Table, a  new collection of objects and accessories for a multicultural  table designed for Atipico and “COLORS. A book about a magazine about the rest of the world”, a book about the 90 issues of COLORS magazine.

Launched in 2001, the Bologna Fabrica Features concept store is a space between traditional retail and gallery. Located in Strada Maggiore 7/E, at Fabrica Features you can discover and enjoy objects, exhibitions and projects made by Fabrica and by other selected artists.

The Bologna Design Week is a cultural event born to map the local creativity through a collaborative approach between companies, designers, universities, research institutions, associations and individuals.

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