Fabrica for StatisticAll

For the second year in a row Fabrica has curated the graphic communication of StatisticAll, the Festival of Statistics and Demography, which takes place in Treviso from 29 September to 1 October.

The author of the illustrations is Daniel Benitez while the graphic design has been realized by Gianluca Alla, both currently residents in the Editorial team at Fabrica.

“The illustrations for this year are divided in three groups: The main section, StatisticAll Young and a series of fables for children. This year I tried different styles from the one I’m used to do. For the main section and Young edition I took a more geometrical approach, with isometrical representations mixed with characters with thick and regular outlines. While for the fables I took inspiration from artists such as Matisse, Seurat and André Derrain, specially from their use of color, line and composition.” Daniel Benitez

Daniel Benítez is an illustrator, graphic designer and self-publisher born in Mexico City in 1990. He is the co-founder of WorstSeller Ediciones with Anahi H. Galaviz. His work explores subjects such as violence and social issues through graphic novels and comics, with a very graphic and colorful style.

Gianluca Alla is an Italian graphic designer. He has a passion for black&white, typography and paper. Lettergif is his personal project.

StatisticAll, at its third edition, has been created by the Italian Society of Statistics to bring the audience closer to a discipline that is more tangible and concrete than one can imagine and, above all, more and more indispensable to decipher the complexity of social dynamics and address the public and private choices. Three intense days of conferences, educational workshops, exhibitions, entertainment and dining to explain an increasingly fundamental discipline to understand social phenomena.

The complete program of StatistiAll is available on www.festivalstatistica.it