Fabrica Musica in concert with Alaa Arsheed

Alaa Arsheed is a talented Syrian violinist who moved to Lebanon in 2011 to flee war. His dream was to play his violin in Europe. Fabrica becomes aware of his story thanks to the Italian actor Alessandro Gassmann, who meets Alaa while he is shooting a documentary film about refugees in Lebanon and Syria for UNHCR. Gassmann is touched by Alaa’s story and sends a tweet about him. Fabrica wants to help Alaa realize his dream: he is therefore invited to Treviso and he spends three months in Fabrica. During this period he composes the album Sham, with the co-operation of Fabrica’s residents.

Sham (Aramaic word for “Damascus”), is made of eight tracks and is coming out at the end of September. The première is taking place in Treviso, Piazza Duomo, on September 12, 2015, within the Festival of Statistcs and Demography. The ensemble that worked on this music project together with Alaa is composed by: Jhon William Castaño Montoya, Geremia Vinattieri e Giacomo Mazzuccato, all members of Fabrica Musica. Isaac De Martin also cooperated in the project.