Fabrica in official competition at LIDF

Fabrica participates at the prestigious London International Documentary Festival with two films.

Notes from Anywhere”, world premiere, is a documentary realized by Mattia Mura. Drew Nikonowicz is a photographer from Saint Louis, Missouri. In 2016, Nikonowicz obtained a scholarship at Fabrica. This was the first time he had gone overseas. From his Italian experience the short documentary “Notes from Anywhere” was born. It tells the lapse of time when Drew expands his research, experiments it on his own skin and tries to test out the truth in it. A portrait of a young, talented photographer, but also an invitation to travel and to overcome your own limits.

“Shame and Soul” is a videodocumentary by Marco Pavan that traces the highlights of the meeting, which took place in Beirut in January, between two extraordinary artists: British photographer Giles Duley and Syrian artist Semaan Khawam, exiled in Lebanon. Giles and Semaan dialogue with each other through their own art and their story becomes a symbol of how no barriers exist between humans, when hearts beat as one. Semaan and Giles have both contributed to Imago Mundi, the non-profit contemporary art project promoted by Luciano Benetton.

Both films are included in the section Filmaking for Social Change, scheduled for Sunday, November 26 from 10.00am at The Archivist, Unit V Reliance Wharf, 2-10 Hertford Road, London, N1 5ET

The directors and the artist Semaan Khawam will attend the screenings.