Fabrica Reunion

The very first Reunion of all Fabricanti since 1994.

More than 350 people from 40 countries answered the call.

20 Alumni presented themselves in the Open Mic session.

Fabrica Reunion used online media in each of its phases: from the promotion through the private Facebook group, registration through the website, up to the live coverage in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #fabricareunion.

Top influencers and international media outlets reported about the event.

“What an incredibly wonderful and recharging and beautiful weekend to reconnect with everyone. Love you guys.”
Brad Hasse

“Leaving home to go home, with this in my heart. Grazie Fabricanti, and Fabrica, for shining your bright light on such a dark week for the world. I can’t wait to hear about the wild ideas you’ll come up with till I see you next. Ten years ago, last week, today, and always: Creativity will save the world.”
Annalisa Merelli

“Thank you fabricanti for the amazing reminder. I am lucky to share such a transformative experience in my life with so many others and witness it still so very much alive today. I look forward to keeping in touch with both old and new friends. “
Steve Bowden

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