Gianluca Vassallo

Fabrica presents a conference, an exhibition and a free workshop with Gianluca Vassallo, the author of Vota per Me (Vote for Me), a Guerrilla Art project that in these days is occupying the spaces dedicated to the Italian electoral campaign with a series of posters representing the face and the story of ten migrants on which the words “vote for me”.

The project aims to respond to violence against migrants who, even before the events of Macerata, characterized an electoral campaign in which all parties exploited the role of non-EU citizens, choosing simplification as a fundamental characteristic of their language.

Friday, 2 March, at 6:30pm
Free entrance

Starting from the experience of Vota per Me, the lecture will focus on the theme of art as a place of complexity, not intended as “language of incommunicability”, but as an experience that, through a legible language, interrogates us – without judging – on the relationship between the individual and the world.

Saturday, 3 March: from 10:00am to 7:00pm
Sunday, 4 March: from 10:00am to 12:00pm
Location: Fabrica
Language: Italian
Maximum n° of participants: 15

Starting from the experience of Vota per Me, the workshop will focus on the deep knowledge of oneself, on the central questions of each one, trying to concentrate them in the production of a collective work to be realized in the course of the days.

Participants are requested to come with the following materials:
– a photograph of the participant as a child (3-6 years)
– the best photographic image that the participant believes to have ever made
– a camera of any kind
– a computer

Reservations required until places are exhausted at

The exhibition “Perduti nel Paesaggio” curated in 2014 by Gerardo Mosquera for the MART in Rovereto, tried to accurately mark the boundary between nature and landscape affirming, through 60 contemporary works, that the landscape exists exclusively in relation to man because it is produced by man himself. An affirmation that did not claim to be a manifesto but evidence of the relational model between man and nature.
Similarly, with the same impartiality, I like to imagine that Photography does not exist except in the presence of a complex look welcoming questions and turning them into new questions to address the world.
In this sense the project Vota per Me, as often it happens in my public art projects, tries to become an activator of civil participation using two further practices: the inclusion in the creative process of other sensitivities, in this case the landing writers, and the voluntary mobilization of free citizens, activists, cultural associations and artists to promote their dissemination.
A practice which involves the loss of control over the dynamics after the visual production and meaning, which requires awareness of the “employability” of the projects, or the possibility that anyone, including detractors, can do what he wants, misrepresenting intention, transforming the perception, determining its coherence or failure, glory and disorder, ineffectiveness or joy, what happens to leave a free child to cross the world.